It is important to underline that, looking at Toyotomi’s wide range of products, we re proud to have introduced on the market, residential type air conditioners of the highest quality, which guarantee a perfect, efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling of the indoor air. Read more

  • Mobile Air Conditioner

    Mobile Air Conditioner (4)

    Toyotomi mobile airconditioners are the perfect solution for quick and easy cooling. Are you looking for an affordable air conditioner that is able to create a comfortable living environment, which is also easy to install? Consult our range of mobile airconditioners.


  • Residential

    Residential (25)

    Looking at Toyotomi’s wide range of cooling products, we are proud to have introduced residential air conditioners of the highest quality, which guarantee a perfect, efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling of air. Find out which model exactly meet your needs.

  • Multi Free Match

    Multi Free Match (26)

    Multi free match air conditioning applications have become a staple to the household and small business environment. Toyotomi’s multi free match systems offer great installation flexibility, resulting in the ability to be adjusted to the preferred requirements, while remaining competitive in price.  Offered in a wide range of capacities, we guarantee there is always one that fits your needs.

  • Light Commercial

    Light Commercial (21)

    Toyotomi’s light commercial unitary AC system combines cooling and heating all-in one for a simplified application and installation and are used in small or midsized buildings, ranging from schools to offices to retail. The outdoor unit range (9 capacities ranging from 3,5 kW up to 16 kW), can be used for different kind of indoor units like cassette-type, floor & ceiling or duct type.

  • Air-to-Water Heatpump

    Air-to-Water Heatpump (21)

    Toyotomi offers heat pumps equipped with the highest energy efficiency to ensure sustainable and economical heating, cooling, and providing hot water solutions for your home. By using outside air, a heat pump is able to generate a comfortable climate in the most sustainable way possible. Toyotomi heat pumps can be combined with solar support to ensure a more economically and environmentally friendly climate in your home.

  • Variable Refrigerant Flow

    Variable Refrigerant Flow (8)

    Toyotomi VRF systems, or so called ‘Variable Refrigerant Flow’ is a complete air conditioning system that can simultaneously cool and heat several rooms. This makes VRF systems the ideal solution for cooling, heating or ventilating office buildings, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, or large private homes. With our wide range of VRF systems, we can offer you the best solution in line with your wishes.