Zibro LC-DX320

EAN: 4963505722487

The Zibro Laser Clean heater LC-DX 320 is equipped with the latest design electronic 3,1 kW burner, providing clean and economical heat. It does not need any kind of installation, just connect the power plug. It is very easy to operate and it can heat a volume up to 120 m³. During operation it only consumes 13 Watt, which makes it an ideal, safe, highly efficient and economical flueless space heater.

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Heating Capacity min. (kW)0,80
Heating Capacity max. (kW)3,10
Suitable Space (m³)48~120


  • Energy Efficiency Class (A)
  • Removable fuel tank (K)
  • Fuel acceptance fitting (C)
  • Fuel tank cap (C)
  • Burner mat (I)
  • CO₂ sensor
  • Save mode
  • Digital display
  • Extension mode
  • Built-in circulation fan
  • Adjustable combustion range
  • Additional high burning operation
  • High altitude mode up to 1900 meter
  • Manual siphon pump included
Heating Capacity min. (kW)0,80
Heating Capacity max. (kW)3,10
Suitable Space (m³)48~120
Maximum Burning Time (h)65,1
Minimum Burning Time (h)16,7
Tank Capacity (l)5,4
Net Weight (kg)8,0
Gross Weight (kg)10,0
Dimensions Unit (mm) (W x D x H)376 x 296 x 438
Dimensions Packaging (mm) (W x D x H)428 x 355 x 490
Fuel Consumption min. (l/h)0,083
Fuel Consumption max. (l/h)0,323
Power Consumption (W) during ignition320
Power Consumption (W) during operation13
ColourSilver – Black
Certification MarkCE – NF
Warranty (years)4